How to Choose the Best Binary Options Broker to become a profitable trader.

Why you should choose the best binary options broker and invest in the financial markets.

We will teach you how to choose the best binary options broker for options trading. When you are ready to start live trading of binary options, as with any financial instrument, choosing the best binary options broker and platform to suit your trading needs is an important step. When retail binary options trading was introduced in 2008 there were very few brokers to choose from.

Fast forward to 2016, and there is a bewildering array of more than 400 trading platforms or brokers to consider.
Our broker review section provides detailed information on the most reliable, high-quality brokers
Worldwide- highlighting their key benefits, platform features, and promotions. But before comparing and contrasting the different brokers, we have compiled a handy list of factors to consider when selecting the right broker for you.

How to choose the best binary options broker

1. Do they have the commodity you want to trade in? Best binary options brokers would have the list of commodities they trade in, and the commodity you are interested in trading in might not be on the list. Be sure to check their “Asset Index” which contains the list of commodities that they trade in.

2. Choose a broker with reasonable return rate: the sight of high return rate usually entice many unsuspecting binary options traders. This is a strategy used by scam brokers who are interested in draining you of your hard earned money. Choose the best binary options broker with a reasonable return rate that matches your need.

3. Don’t depend solely on your knowledge: there are strategies that have been put in place to ensure that you dot fall victim to scam. One of this strategies is the technical strategy which helps you analyze market patterns.

4. Carry out research on the binary options broker: you don’t want to put your money on a broker that doesn’t have reliable binary options strategy and tools. Their success rate should also be high. Their customer care should also be perfect so that you can communicate with them anytime you want.

Our broker review section provides detailed information on the most reliable, high quality brokers
worldwide- highlighting their key benefits, platform features and promotions. But before comparing and contrasting the different brokers we have compiled a handy list of factors to consider when selecting the right broker for you



The explosive growth of the binary options and forex trading industry means that numerous brokers have spring up – not all of which operate in a transparent and professional manner. Look to trade with a broker that is regulated by a recognised and respected regulatory body to ensure that your funds are safe, trading conditions are fair, and you receive your trading profits. You don’t want to lose your trading account i.nvestment and profits to some bucket-shop.


Trading Platform

Let’s face it – there is a learning curve when trading binary options. So platform providers that offer user-friendly software make trading easier and more enjoyable not just for newbies, but for more advanced traders as well. A platform that offers an easy to navigate and intuitive interface not only makes trading more fun, it enhances your ability to make more consistently profitable trades.

In addition to the traditional UP/DOWN or PUT/CALL options offered by every binary options broker, is ‘one-touch’ trading offered? This functionality allows you to trade based on whether you think an asset will touch a certain point by a set expiry rate or not. If successful, these trades can be highly lucrative, with payouts topping 500%.

And given that most of us lead busy lives and aren’t glued to a bank of screens all day, sign up with a broker that offers web-based and mobile trading so you can keep in touch with the markets and monitor your trades while on the go and via different devices.


Assets Offered

Compare the range of assets that different brokers offer. While all brokers offer a different set of tradeable assets, make sure that the broker you select offers a diverse asset base and the assets of interest to you! These include major currency pairs, stocks and indices, and commodities. While there are many commodities traded as the underlying assets of binary options contracts, the majority traded are metals (gold, copper, silver) crude oil, cotton, and wheat.

Check the broker’s ‘Asset Index’ to find out the range of assets offered.


Profitability and Payouts

All traders should expect the highest possible return on their investment. So when considering your broker of choice, consider their percentage return, as these can vary tremendously. While payouts vary according to asset traded and expiry rate, consider brokers that offer a minimum 70% to 85%, although some do offer up to 91% payout per trade. Find out also if a broker offers ‘variable’ options, meaning you can close your position before expiry to lock in a profit.

There is also the question of payout for unsuccessful or ‘out of the money’ trades. This figure varies from broker to broker. Some brokers pay out nothing at all on unsuccessful trades, but some
brokers will pay 15% of the original amount invested. When choosing your broker consider both the payout percentage on successful trades along with the percentage brokers give, or do not give, on unsuccessful trades.

And last but not least:

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